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The Men’s Counselling Service offers individual counselling to adults who are concerned they are being abusive towards an intimate partner, or for anyone who feels they have problems with anger management in their intimate relationships.  We also offer individual counselling and support to their partner or ex-partner.

Our counsellors aim to create a non-judgmental working relationship in which clients are encouraged to identify and explore their concerns about their behavior, and to work on changing this behavior.  We contact the partners of those who are abusive, to offer support, and to ensure we understand the concerns of the victim.  

In our experience, victims of abuse often face many difficult dilemmas, and their situations are complex.  We work with victims to identify and explore their concerns about the abusive behavior of their partner or ex-partner.  We discuss their safety concerns, and explore what they have done in response to a partner’s abusive behavior.  These conversations often highlight ways victims have opposed or resisted being mistreated. Often victims resist or stand up for their dignity in ways that others might not even notice.

Individual counselling is provided free of charge. However, donations are welcome – and in fact, help to cover the majority of our program’s operating costs. Day time and evening appointments are available. 

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